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funny computer vacation

So I’m off to Virginia Beach and New York City this weekend for a vacation to visit some family. I’ll be staying in Virginia Beach for the most part but I am taking the 6 hour bus ride up to Brooklyn, NY to stay with a friend for a couple days. I’ve never been to the east coast so it should be a fun trip. I’m excited to see New York since everyone always tells me that I’d love it. My sister even said she doesn’t expect me to come back since I’ll love it so much I’ll want to stay there. I don’t know, I’m sure it’s awesome but I’m so acclimated to the mid-size city-ness of Minneapolis. I always thought that the biggest city I’d live in would be Chicago, but who knows. Each city basically has its own little neighborhoods that in a way act as mini cities, with their own mix of people and places to sustain itself. Virginia Beach on the other hand I have mixed impressions about. My good friend was stationed there for a few years while he was in the Navy and he didin’t have too many good things to say about it. I’m keeping an open mind, though and all in all it should be a good time. Maybe they’ll have some cool fields with paintball gun packages. Readers, let me know if you have any suggestions of places to check out. I’ll let you guys know if I see any good deals on BMW aftermarket parts, fast rc cars or real clay poker chips.

Keep it real. When I get back I’ll talk about all the cool cars I saw and russian caviar I ate. Until then, later.