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RC drifting

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So you just caught Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift for the 100th time on television and you’re all hyped up about purchasing a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII and converting it to rear wheel drive so you can practice your drifting in an old abandoned warehouse parking lot, think twice. Maybe you should try it on a smaller scale first. RC drift cars are becoming more and more popular now that the drifting hobby has hit the mainstream thanks to movies like Tokyo Drift. Drifting your RC car is a lot like drifting a normal car but there are some subtle differences. Check out this how-to from rccartips.com:

For drifting, electric rc cars are better than nitro models. It is easier to control the throttle of an electric car during a drift. Nitro rc cars would probably burn out the clutch and overheat the engines if used for drifting.

It is recommended that you use a shaft drive rc car rather than a belt driven transmission for your drifter. The shaft drive provides good throttle response, whereas the belt drive cars might give some backlash due to the belt design.

Good news is a lot of people use belt drive cars for drifting without problems. But if you are starting from scratch, shaft drive cars may be the best drifters.

Also, use a 4 wheel drive machine if you want to go drifting. 4×4 is easier to control and drift.

For motors, you need high torque. The standard Mabuchi 540 works fine, and a lot of people also use 19 turn motors. Also gear your car for acceleration rather than top speed.

Did that get you interested? Make sure if you do drifting in a normal size car that you wear a protective full face motorcycle helmet. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the difference between sturgeon caviar and red caviar, so stay tuned for that. You’ll be living the high life and impressing the ladies with your caviar knowledge in no time. Also, later this week I’ll talk about another cool RC hobby, rc helicopters.