Top 3 most important Jeep models

Jeep Wrangler TJ

the awesome, classic TJ Jeep
the awesome, classic TJ Jeep

Introduced in 1997 to replace the Wrangler YJ, the TJ model is considered a turning point in the history of jeeps. The basic YJ platform was kept intact but everything else was almost completely overhauled. The most noteworthy change was the updated coil-spring air ride suspension which greatly improved the vehicle’s ride and handling. The TJ opened the car up to a wide range of jeep wrangler accessories and other options. On the aesthetic side, the TJ returned to the old CJ model’s iconic round headlamps, which many Jeep aficionados were very happy with.

Jeep Rubicon rockcrawling
Jeep Rubicon rockcrawling

Jeep Rubicon 2003

Another huge event for Jeep was the introduction of the 2003 model Jeep Rubicon. One of the most popular Jeep models for off-roading, rockcrawling and road driving, the ’03 Rubicon was such a success because of its versatility. It is still extremely popular and likely will be for a long time. With the huge market for jeep parts, the options for what you can do with a Jeep Rubicon are endless.

Jeep CJ7

Old-school Jeep CJ-7
Old-school Jeep CJ-7

Before the Jeep Wrangler YJ replaced it, the CJ model, especially the CJ-7 model, was the most popular name in the Jeep franchise. The CJ-7 featured a unique all-wheel drive system called Quadra-Trac that is still extremely popular today in the mud racing sport and in rockcrawling. The modern jeep models are all based on the original CJ Wrangler and for that, it is one of the most important Jeep models ever.

Note: Yes, there’s a reason there are no Cherokee’s listed: I feel like the lack of jeep cherokee accessories and other options for modifiying the model make it less of an important part of Jeep’s history, although I do realize it’s importance in bringing the Jeep name to those unfamilar, or uncomfortable with Jeep’s off-road origins.


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