Best three paintball fields in the Twin Cities area

adventurezoneThe Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is a great place for beginners or those more experienced looking to smoke some young kids. The prices are some of the lowest around for play, which is what attracts so many young players. I’ve heard rumors that their Ref’s are pretty lax, which can be good or bad depending on how you like to play. The speedball games here are pretty wild, with balls going faster then a BMW Turbo, so make sure to bring you A-game. Located in Rosemount, MN, Adventure Zone is one of the closest paintball fields to the Twin Cities so it is definitely worth a try.

mnproMN Pro Paintball

Another paintball field that is very close to the city, no more than 25 minutes from downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul is MN Pro Paintball. I’ve played on a lot of fields and this is definitely one of the best namely because of their great variety of playing fields. They have a woods field, a speedball field a forest field, and more. No matter what type of game or energy you are looking for they’ve got it there. A very professional setup, I cannot recommend MN Pro Paintball highly enough. The only they could use is some food other than snacks—I mean, I’m not looking for russian caviar or anything, just some burgers or hot dogs or something.


Splatball, Inc

SplatBall, Inc is an interesting place. Their Minneapolis location is located near the University of Minnesota and is an indoor field on concrete in a basement. It’s a good experience if you’ve never played indoor paintball before. Then they have another location in Rogers, MN which is an outdoor field on a former golfing range which adds a different element since you are playing on artificial turf. Paint is pretty expensive to buy here and it is field paint only so it can get pricey. They have a great store there and really good prices, especially on Spyder paintball guns. Another note of warning: there are lots of really competitive speedball players here, so be forewarned, and maybe ask the refs to put you in a less competitive group if you are new to the game.


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