clive own as a dashing croupier at the poker casino

clive own as a dashing croupier at the poker casino

So me and some friends are taking a little trip to Black Bear Casino this weekend, planning on spending a night there at the resort attached. I love playing cards, mostly poker and blackjack, but I don’t have too much experience at casino’s. I’ve always considered myself a pretty unlikey guy when it comes to gambling, not sure why. I have certain superstitions that I believe help me but at a casino it is hard to convince the croupier to allow you to use your “lucky” casino poker chips that you brought from home.  The last time I went to a casino I broke even so maybe I’m not as unlucky as I think I am. I mainly just don’t like to be out of my element when I’m gambling. I’m comfortable and confident when I’m playing poker or gambling at my place, but a casino is a totally different experience with so many other variables you have to take into account.

The main impetus for this trip is I watched a movie called Croupier the other night that starred Clive Owen. It was one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t romanticise the profession, far from it, but it does show casino’s and gambling in a certain seedy, but appealing light. I recommend the movie, not just to casino lovers or card fans but to anyone looking for a great depiction of the industry and how it can both ruin and save one’s life.

One of my buddy’s going with us to the casino is going to be driving us up in his newly purchased 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK 320 convertible. My friend has some dough so he pimped it out with some sweet BMW aftermarket parts. So that’s about it. Should be a good weekend, riding up to the casino in a sweet car, hopefully winning some money, and eating russian caviar. That last part may not be true.


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