BMW is for lovers

bmw lovers

bmw lovers

So, I’ve got this crazy German co-worker who talks incessantly about BMWs that he is starting to convince me of their greatness. Shopping around I found some great deals on BMWs, specifically on a BMW 2000 528i that looks like it is in great shape. It could use an upgrade on the BMW wheels but that’s an easy upgrade. This ride is fully loaded with all the options and doesn’t have any crazy modifications on it, which is nice because I like to add my own mods. I got a buddy who works at an aftermarket auto parts shop that can get me a good deal on a BMW turbo and other car performance parts so I’m pretty set there. I’m pretty excited about it, should be a nice ride, not something I would take out every day but something that I think I’d treat well and hope to keep a lot longer. What do you think?


5 responses to “BMW is for lovers

  1. I would like to meet his co-worker of yours; sounds like a very intelligent guy.

  2. autopinionsbyvolk

    I don’t know if I would go that far sir…

  3. Based on your photo, I can only assume you’re a bad judge of intelligence.

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